Adult Religious Exploration Groups

New Courses

Book Study: It’s Never Too late to Begin Again, by Julia Cameron
Facilitator: Carla Williams, who will be selling copies of the book at Ingathering
12 weekly workshops, Wed. Sept. 20 to Dec. 13, Rm. 9, 1:30pm – 3:30pm

Exploration of the Spirit
Facilitators:  Reverend Victoria and our intern, Pat Trudeau
Monthly themes on Saturdays, place & times TBA

Facing Death With Life
Rescheduled!  Look for it in the Spring!
Facilitators: Irene Laurie & Margaret McFadyen
This program facilitates a process of personal reflection, learning, and spiritual growth focused on the topic of death and dying. The program is not a grief support group, nor an intellectual study of death. It includes sociological information and reflection, theological reflection, personal and shared narrative, creative expression, journaling, and practical learning and preparation. It helps participants develop a personal recognition of its meaning in their life, with the goal of finding a closer and more comfortable relationship with their own inevitable death, including the preparation, the moment of death, the grieving, and the living on.

Lifecraft: The Art of Meaning in the Everyday
Facilitator: Tamara McClellan
Invites participants to explore together new ways of discovering & creating
meaning in their lives.
Rm. 9, 7:00pm-9:00pm, Sept. 19 & 26, Oct. 3 & 10

Neighbouring Faiths
Facilitators: Nancy Willson & Barb Wallace
Visiting neighbouring temple, mosque, and churches.
Dates and times TBA

Ongoing Courses & Groups

  1. Drumming Circle - Tony Wallace and Ron Joice
  2. FUUD: Unitarian Universalists and Our Relationship with Food - Christine Byers
  3. Food for Thought Book Discussion Group - Kathleen Fraser, Helen Elliott
  4. Writers' Circle - Valerie Nielsen

Sign-up sheets are on the bulletin board outside Reverend Victoria’s office, or you can register by contacting