What We Do

Sunday Services

Sunday services start at 10:30. Sunday morning worship is one moment in the week when we gather together as a Beloved Community. It is often a transformative moment, reminding us of our connections to each other and to all of life.

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Ours is a diverse community. We come together holding a variety of differing beliefs. And yet, the worship service provides a focal point and regular inspiration for our lives.

imagesLife Span Learning

The First Unitarian Church of Hamilton is recognized as a Lifespan Learning Church connected with and serving the broader community. We are a diverse community of all ages and stages engaged in all dimensions of church life. We regularly come together in intergenerational services and activities that touch the child in all of us. Our religious exploration plans cover all aspects of our Unitarian Universalist faith, coordinated among children, youth, adults and worship services. We are generous in providing the resources to achieve this. We have the staff, volunteers, space and budget that visibly reflect our commitment.

We believe that every person is on a lifelong spiritual journey of wonder, discovery, questioning, learning, doubting and growing. Our church covenants to companion its people through all the ages and stages of their lives with opportunities for exploration and spiritual enrichment.


Music ministry is an integral part of our worship and caring ministry to each other and to the world.

Our church is committed to a music ministry which is diverse and volunteer-rich. We celebrate the gifts of the community; our volunteer choir, and the many members and friends who make music for us each week. We welcome special guest artists and we feature regular “Music Sundays” throughout the year in two “Music For Its Own Sake” services.

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Social Justice and Outreach

OutreachHandsWorking for social justice is an important part of the Unitarian Universalist faith. We believe in “making heaven on earth” by living our values of justice, equity and compassion to the best of our ability.

Hamilton First has a rich history of social action across the spectrum from poverty relief to environmental action to fair trade to being certified as a Welcoming Congregation that welcomes gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered persons.

Hamilton First is now actively into Phase 2 of the Social Justice Outreach Ministry Project which is running from November 2015 to December 2016.



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