Caring Community

Here you will be cared for and called upon to care for others.

circleofcareThe First Unitarian Church of Hamilton is a community of caring people who worship together as Unitarian Universalists and are committed to shared ministry to each other.

Our Caring Community Ministry is one way we live our faith, recognizing our interconnectedness and the inherent worth and dignity of every person.

Whether you need a listening ear for good times or bad, here you will be cared for—and called upon to care for others.

If you know of someone who may be in need of this ministry, or someone who is in need of pastoral care, please complete and let us know by completing this form or call Penny Gumbert (main contact for the Caring Community Committee) at 905-388-8282.

Visiting Ministry

visit-sick1349819136540The Visiting Ministry visits those who desire a caring presence as they talk about their story, their joys and sorrows.  A caring presence is about relationship and listening rather than problem-solving.

Casserole Ministry

Do you know someone going through a hard time?  Is there someone recovering from an illness or mourning the loss or death of someone dear?  If the demands of life get in the way of preparing a nutritious meal the Casserole Ministry can help by providing a meal to those in need of assistance.


Cards & Flowers Ministry

We send cards to people acknowledging their joys or sorrows when these have been recorded in the Joys and Sorrows book or when a request is made of the contact person.

Card with flowers

Phoning Ministry

clip-art-phoning-294013This ministry is about making sure that no one falls through the cracks.  Through a deliberate care network, we keep in touch with everyone in our congregation on a regular basis, just to know how things are going, whether times are good or bad or in-between.  We notice everyone - and keep them in our circle of care.

Rites of Passage Support

Life’s transitions, be they births, marriages or deaths, often need a helping hand. This arm of the Caring Community Committee will give aid to any Congregant listed in the Congregant Directory in coordinating these rites of passage taking place at our church.

The services provided are those dealing with the details of staging an event. These might be setting up and dressing tables, preparing beverages provided by the family, receiving flowers and food provided by the family and arranging them appropriately, After the event we will clean up and return furniture to the original floor plan. Families will be responsible for flowers, food, music and audio/video needs.